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The Land: Gundarak lies in the south-central region of the Core, with Barovia to the east and Invidia to the west. Like many of its neighbors, Gundarak is rugged and richly forested. Twisted oak, beech, and conifers predominate.

Most of the western terrain is foothills, which make the topography more wrinkled than an elephant's behind. The Balinoks rise along the eastern border. Several rivers and streams spill off the slopes and follow a twisted path across the domain, flowing west to join the Musarde River in Invidia.

One of the most spectacular gorges in Ravenloft is located in the southeastern corner of this domain. This narrow river gorge begins in Forlorn, then cuts deep into mountains as it flows into Gundarak. The walls of the gorge rise nearly 1,000 feet in some places. Sunlight barely penetrates, and even the weeds turn yellow.

Gundarak has two major settlements, Teufeldorf and Zeidenburg. Roughly 4,000 people live in Teufeldorf, while 3,000 inhabit Zeidenburg. Castle Hunadora, Duke Gundar's domicile, is seated on a hill several miles west of Zeidenburg.

The Folk: Gundarakan folk, mostly peasant farmers and herders, struggle daily to meet the tax rolls of the evil duke. Not even firewood can be gathered without charge. When a woman gives birth to a girl, the family is assessed a harsh penalty, ostensibly because she will not labor as hard in the fields as a boy. In the name of kindness, Duke Gundar gives the family 15 years to pay the full amount. If they cannot, the girl is seized.

A large mob once killed the Duke's tax collectors and stormed the castle in a peasant's revolt. That night, all leaders of the rebellion were gruesomely slaughtered. Duke Gundar suspended their corpses from the treetops in the orchards to set an example. To this day, no peasant can bear to eat the fruit of those trees.  The culture level of this land is Medieval.

The Lord: Duke Gundar rules Gundarak. He is an old, bearded and heavy set man. He is cruel much like the ruler of Barovia, but not as strong in spirit.


Common:                               Rare:

Rats                                       Undead

Bats                                       Lycanthropes

Wolves                                  Kobolds